Our Story

Pat’s story with cancer in his own words. 

Pat Osborne … Terminally Healed ’07

This is what my Bible has engraved on the cover. It was my birthday gift this year. Let’s go back a bit though. My story I want to share starts earlier this year. My wife, Stephanie, and I are self employed, owning a web design business and live in the Ozarks. In March of this year, I came down with what I called the stomach flu. We had went out of town to do a website, visited a mini horse farm as that was my wife’s new passion. It was like any other day until that night, I became sick. For the next week, I could not keep any food down. Being a man’s man, of course I didn’t even consider going to the doctor. However, after a solid week of vomiting and diarrhea, I was so weak that I could not get to the bathroom by myself. I knew that I had no choice so Stephanie drove me to the Emergency Room. After doing some blood work, they found that I was 3 units low on blood and very anemic. I was admitted to the hospital and given a transfusion. No one paid much attention to the reason.

I came into the hospital to start with and I was sent home the next day with an appointment to have an endoscopy done the following week. This was the pattern for the next 4 weeks. I would be in and out of the hospital for tests and misdiagnosis. The vomiting, abdominal cramping and diarrhea persisted and I was losing quite a bit of weight (about 45 pounds overall). Finally, after being transferred to another hospital, a doctor came in and told me I had a small tumor in my small intestines causing a blockage. They needed to do immediate surgery to remove it. Tumor is an ugly word and after previously being told I did not have cancer, I was not too happy to hear it.

We had the surgery the next day. When the doctor came in to explain to Stephanie what he had found and what had been done, he told her it was very bad. In fact, so bad that he did not want me told until the next day after I had recovered some. He was actually crying when he left the room. Stephanie turned to her family and God to strengthen her through the next few hours. She was so scared that I would fall apart at the news. She was told that I would be asleep all that day and night so she would not have to face my questions until the next day. Boy was that doctor wrong! I woke up in the recovery room much to the anesthesiologists amazement. By the time I met Stephanie coming off the elevator going back to my room, I was all questions. I knew something was going on as she was dodging them all she could. Finally she asked the nurse for a few minutes alone with me and sat down. She said are you sure you want to hear this now? It is serious. With tears in her eyes, she told me that they had found a cancer tumor on my ascending colon. It had spread across my body and was also around my sigmoid colon on the opposite side. They had taken both parts of the colon out and were able to remove all visible cancer. I had a colostomy that the doctor had said may possibly be reversed at a later date. They had also found a cyst on my liver but it had proven to be benign. They sent several of my lymph nodes off to the labs . We would find out later that the cancer had spread to 14 out of 60 lymph nodes and was officially called advanced adenocarcinoma colon cancer.

We were shocked to say the least. We prayed more than we had in years. God answered by sending an ‘angel’ when we needed one most. Stephanie was in a waiting room close to my room telling a family member about it when she just broke down. There was an older gentleman sleeping on the couch and her crying woke him. She started to apologize when he introduced himself and told her he had a prison ministry. Now, if you know Stephanie, you know she is one of those people that needs her space. This time, however, she just ran over to him and asked for a big hug. He hugged her, prayed for her and asked if he could come pray with me. She wasn’t sure how I would take a stranger coming into the room after all we’d been through but she knew that God had sent him so she brought him to meet me. Ed Houston was a Godsent and that is all I can say about him. His prayers brought immediate peace to both of us in our time of need. He checked on us daily, ministered to us and prayed with us several times during my hospital stay. We stay in touch and thank God for sending him to us.

What followed next was a whirlwind of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plans, doctors coming and going. We were all caught up in the hurried rush of everything. Chemo was on the agenda. We heard all of the bad that goes with it including side effects, only a so and so percent chance it will work, ‘your prognosis doesn’t look good, Mr. Osborne’. I have to say though, that I did shock many doctors and nurses with my recovery from the surgery. I was told that most people sit up about 5 minutes the morning after the surgery and I was up for 1 1/2 hours that morning! Next morning I was up for 4 hours at one time!!! I knew God was working in my body. I was told a 7 or 8 day stay at least after surgery was policy but I was told I could go home after just 5 days. Nurses were amazed but I knew I had the Great Healer on my side. We had prayed for my healing and my recovery. I knew God was working in my body.

After I was released, it felt like it was a race to get everything set up for chemo. Every week had a doctor’s appointment for one reason or another, get the staples out, follow up with the oncologist, an outpatient surgery to get my port put in so I would not have to have an IV every time. The plan was to start the chemo. Five hours of IV chemo and then 46 more hours in a chemo pump I could carry with me and then back to the doctors so they could ‘unplug’ me. All while this was going on, I kept telling everyone, I am healed, God’s already healed me. But it was like if we don’t get this chemo going, you will die. So I let myself be swept along until I got the port put in. A port is a small plastic device with a tube in it that they surgically put into a main artery in your chest. The plastic disk is just under the skin and raised so they can insert the needle for the treatment into it. I tell you, having a rather conspicuous bump on your chest makes you stop and think for sure.

All through this, I had an urgency to get out and tell what God had done for me. I felt I couldn’t get well fast enough to get started. After researching the chemo and the side effects, I kept this nagging feeling that 6 months of chemo was just going to slow me down getting started for God. The doctors couldn’t guarantee that it would help at all. In fact, the odds they were quoting me didn’t seem like great odds at all. I had been reading my Bible and anything I could get on healing and faith. I had read in His Word scriptures that GUARANTEE my complete healing. By this point, I liked God’s odds much more than what the doctors were quoting me. Stephanie and I had long discussions about it. We spent hours in prayer asking for His guidance. About this time, my mother-in-law gave us a book by Dodie Osteen called “Healed of Cancer”. Stephanie read this to me and it just worked to further back up my belief that God could and had healed me. In my mind, proceeding with the chemo at this point, would be saying “Well God, I know you healed me and I thank you, but at the same time, I’m going to do the chemo…just in case you didn’t heal me”. You cannot believe in God and doubt him at the same time and expect results. It’s all or nothing with Him.

My decision to go with God instead of the doctors has met with mixed emotions from some of our family and friends. Some believe chemo is the only way. Stephanie and I fully realize what science tells us but then we also realize that God’s Word is much more substantial than modern science. While this may not be the right path for everyone, we know in our hearts that we are doing the right thing in believing in God. Each person is unique in the fact that they have to seek God’s direction for themselves. God has different plans for each of us and the most important thing is that you trust him fully to lead you in the right path.

After Stephanie and I made the decision that we would put our trust in God, a peace came over us that we had not felt since this all began. No, I don’t know what my future holds. What I do know however, is that some day, we will be in Heaven where there is no sickness, no cancer and no death. Everyone is invited to join us there. We plan on having a big celebration!

Short Update: Pat was Terminally Healed on July 20, 2008. He went to His Heavenly Home. You can read the complete updates on this page.