07-08 Updates

These are the updates from 6/12/07 when Pat created the page to 9/20/08 when I last updated the page. I just copied them as was from the old page so it reads from bottom to top chronologically. ~ Stephanie

9-20-08 – from Stephanie
I wanted to give a quick update for all the wonderful people who have been praying for me. It has been 2 months today that Pat went to Heaven. While I won’t deny that I’ve been completely miserable without him, God has gotten me through each day. He has also laid it on my heart that I won’t be seperated from Pat for long.

EVERY SINGLE THING THAT THE BIBLE SAYS HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE THE RETURN OF JESUS —- HAS BEEN DONE!!!! There is nothing left that must be completed before He returns. That is has been on my heart so heavy lately. Heavy because of my unsaved family and friends. There are so many that claim to be ‘Christian’, yet we do not live as we should. Time is so short! It is so terribly important to get your souls ready to meet God.

I have put together a website that has VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION on it. It is www.SomebodysComing.com. I urge you to please, please take the time to read through it. It has information on how to know that the Rapture is soon, how to be ready for it and what to do if you are left behind in the tribulation period. There is still hope! It could very well be the most important website that you ever visit. If you are ready for Jesus’ return, then pass the site on to your loved ones that may not be. Can’t wait to see you in Heaven!

7-25-08 – from Stephanie
I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers. I lost Pat Sunday evening. Well, I shouldn’t say lost him as he went home to be with the Lord. He fought a long and hard battle. In the end, he loved me so much that he just refused to give up. His faith touched so many people around the world. We had people in 8 countries praying for him. Doctors and nurses cried when he passed on but he is in a better place. No cancer, no pain, no tears.

I on the other hand seem to have no end to the tears. I thought the hardest thing I could go through was holding my husband in my arms as he breathed his last breath. I was so wrong. It wasn’t the hardest thing. Waking up every day and trying to get through it without him is the hardest thing. I am in more pain than I could ever imagine, but at the same time, God has wrapped me in his peace.

Pat started a work on this earth. His testimony and faith has touched so many and continues to do so. I know it’s up to me to keep his work going and I am dedicating myself to doing this. I will tell everyone who will listen (and some who won’t!) about my husband’s battle and how God brought us through it. And someday, I have the assurance that we will be reunited.

I ask that you please keep my in your prayers as I desperately need them. I love you all and thank God for wonderful friends in times like these. 

6-24-08 – from Stephanie
It has been a long month with both ups and downs. Pat has been prophesied over by 3 different people who have told him that he will receive his healing and he will be a great testimony for God. We believe this with all our hearts and we also know that God’s timing is not our own so we continue to seek, pray and praise God. Pat has lost a lot of weight, is weak from not eating or keeping food down for a long period of time.

At his doctors appointment today, the doctor told him he is a very sick man. He said it was his responsibility as a doctor to inform us that Pat could die any day right now. He wanted us to ‘be prepared’. I told him that’s fine but I was telling him that Pat was NOT going to die, he was going to LIVE. God has healed him. Pat chooses to live so that he can declare the works of the Lord! Praise God! I reminded Pat of what he said last year. The worse they say it is, the better miracle it will be for us to tell people what God has done for him!

It has been a long fight and Satan is fighting us every step of the way. Everytime Pat has heard an annointed prayer, that cancer demon stirred up. Thank God! He was prayed for tonight and that cancer demon is gone! No more fighting against the anointing. Now we are just believing that Pat’s body lines up with the Word of God and shows the manifestations of the healing he has received from God.

Pat’s father has had 2 surgeries within 2 weeks apart. He was sent home but then had chest pains and was back in ICU. With prayers from many, he is now in his own room at the hospital. Please continue to pray for us and also for Pat’s dad, Tom. We are more than conquerors and I know we will win this war with Satan but we need your prayers to keep going. God bless you all.

5-31-08 – from Stephanie
Please keep up in your prayers. Pat is in a terrible amount of pain. I have had to argue with his doctor just to get pain meds for him and he hasn’t gave him very strong ones. They are not helping at all so it looks like we will be going to a new doctor this week. Pray we have favor with him and together, we can find a solution to the pain. Pat and I have found out about an alternative cancer remedy that has been successfully used and documented since the 1920’s. We are still believing in his healing and at revival at our church just a few weeks ago, the evangelist told us during prayer that this will end up as a great testimony! Praise God! We believe that with all our heart but Satan likes to put doubts in our head even when our heart knows the truth. He can plant pain in your body so you have reason to doubt. We are standing steadfast on the Word of God which assures us that with God, we are the victors.
5-20-08 – from Stephanie
Satan is a formidable foe. After being told that Pat’s back pain was arthritis, the doctor ordered some blood tests. It seems his CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen, a test which measures cancerous tumors) levels showed 109.8. Normal is 0-3 on this test. Yes, this was very scary news but the devil can be a very scary fellow. We refuse to accept this. The God that healed the blind and lame, the God that healed Pat last year, is still the same God today. He will heal him again. We have complete faith in him. God is working in both of our hearts and lives. We have learned many things in the past few weeks which we will be sharing with you on a new page on the site. Just to much to talk about in the news blurb. ; ) Continue to pray with us and we will keep you updated.
5-12-08 – from Stephanie
Well, we have passed the one year mark! Yeah! April 17th made one year since Pat’s surgery. We were getting a bit worried as he has had quite a bit of back pain lately. We thought it might be a pulled muscle but you know how fear works on your mind. We kept praying and finally went to the doctor. X-rays showed that he has some arthritis on his spine. That is not great news but definitely better than the alternative! The doctor did not think it was from any cancer returning. God is good!

I had my share of excitement last month. I had been having gall bladder attacks but trying to hold off until things settled down. April 15, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. The pain was agony and was staying with me everyday. Pat took me to the emergency room and they took me into surgery. The surgery took twice as long as it was supposed to as they ran into complications. My gall bladder was in such bad shape, it was surrounded by adhesions and scar tissue. The surgeon had to get through all that and then found a golf ball sized stone! God was with us once again. He told Pat afterwards, I wouldn’t have made it another week. My gall bladder was very close to rupturing. Recovery was slow because of the difficulties, but I am feeling much better now.

Spring is here and we have much to thank God for. Each day is a wonderful gift. 🙂

3-12-08 – from Stephanie
We are finally settled into our new house. It has been a year to the day since Pat became ill. It’s been a very long year with many obstacles along the way, but with God’s help we have made it and for that we are truely grateful.

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what God’s will is for your life. We, like everyone, made some detours. We had thought our path was giving testimonies in churches. We even bought a RV and sold every single thing we owned to follow that path only to find that it wasn’t the right one for us. I believe God gives us credit for trying and is always there to pull us back on the right path. ~ : )

We are really blessed to have been able to touch so many people this past year though. I would not wish cancer on any one but it is truly amazing how God can take something evil and use it for good. We have had several people tell us that our testimony through this site has touched them or a loved one. That is wonderful and we are thankful that God allows us to share what we went through with others. We will continue to tell everyone what God can do for them through this site and our everyday lives.

As far as Pat’s health right now, Satan tries to scare us every once in a while by throwing something new out there. Pat pulled his back helping us move and has had a bit of trouble from that. We just keep praying and believing God for his healing though, and he is doing better. He has had no more problems like he did last year. He has his full strength and energy. Every day is a blessing to spend with him. I believe he can outlast me as far as energy ~ : ) and that is a blessing also.

2007 seemed to end on the same note as it had played us all year. My niece passed away the morning after Christmas. She was 34 years old. It really hit the family hard. It made us all stop and think. Stephanie and I decided that we just couldn’t move 11+ hours away from our family right now. With our kids and grandkids close by, we want to be able to see them as much as possible. We have found a gorgeous house and with God’s blessing we will be settling back down in the Ozarks. It will take us a while to gather everything back up as we sold everything, but it will be fun. We have big hopes for 2008. I am feeling better than ever. We know we will probably have to face another surgery with Stephanie and her gall bladder but we will get through it.
The year has been hard for us but it’s almost over and we are believing for a better year in 2008. Stephanie’s grandfather passed away in May a month to the day after my surgery. Her grandmother didn’t know what to do without him, so she followed him, passing away the day before Thanksgiving. It’s been especially rough on Steph but we will get through it. We are contemplating a move to the Smokey Mountains. I think a fresh start for a fresh year will help us both. I am still feeling very good and I thank God every day for that.
Well, today is my 6 month anniversary. It’s been 6 months to the day since my surgery. I am still doing very well and may be even healthier than ever before. We are still being blessed every day. Every day is actually a blessing itself. Fall is coming and bringing cooler weather. This has always been Stephanie and my favorite time of the year. This year it just seems even more special with all we’ve been through.

Stephanie has been having a time of it the last few months with her gall bladder. She has been in terrible pain and we know this is just Satan attacking us in a different direction. The only option doctors offer is surgery to have it removed. We have prayed and she has seemed to find a natural way to overcome the attacks. Praise God, if you seek hard enough, he will always show you what to do!

God is good! I am 4 months post surgery and feeling stronger every day. I have finally gained all my weight back (maybe even a little more but don’t tell Stephanie!) We have been dong well and God continues to bless us everyday.
Happy Fourth of July! Today is our anniversary and thank God we had much to celebrate! We were able to attend a Beach Boys concert in Branson and it was just awesome! The RFD theatre employees were wonderful and after hearing a little about my testimony and that it was our anniversary, they went backstage and had the Beach Boys autograph a couple of t-shirts for us! Thank you guys! We had the most fun that we’ve had since before I became ill. It was a wonderful, time and we praise God that He has given us this special time together.
We had a wonderful time at Burnt Ridge Community Church in Clinton, AR. I gave my testimony, met some wonderful people and had a great fellowship with cake and ice cream after church. Thank you Burnt Ridge CC for your continued prayers and we will keep you in our prayers as well!
I had my port removed today. They did it in the dr. office instead of the hospital and while it smarted some, I am very glad it’s gone! Thank God, His promises are better than chemo promises anyday!
It has been 8 weeks since my surgery. I’ve gained 30 pounds of the 45 I’ve lost back! God is good. He has been with me throughout my recovery and I am feeling better every day!